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Immersive, unconventional experiences in CDMX.

CDMX from the inside


Ride through the ancient canals in a trajinera and learn about the chinampa system of pre-Hispanic Mexico.

One of the most colorful and happy places in the city.

DURATION: 4 hours


•Private transport

•3 hours of trajinera ride

•Snacks and drinks

•Local guide

•Visit through chinampas


You can decide to fly in a hot air balloon to see the archaeological site from above or on foot.

Enjoy an obsidian workshop with a local community. also a pulque and mezcal.

DURATION: 5 hours


• Balloon flight with coffee break

• Guided tour of the archaeological zone

• Visit to traditional craft workshops

• Private transportation

* Flight insurance

CDMX Markets

Visit and learn how to go through the city markets like a good local. Experience the colors and flavors that characterize the city with gastronomic challenges and learn about the different crafts that exist in the country and how they are distributed in our markets.

DURATION: 2-4 hours


• Local bilingual guide

• The best food from local stalls (don’t worry, it’s clean)

• Immersive experience with market vendors

* Add private transportation

Immersive Walks


Discover where and how it all began.


The most international neighborhoods of the city, full of lots of art deco architecture and places to enjoy.


Walk through one of the most modern neighborhoods in the city ending in a place full of history with more nature than you could imagine.


The first colonial neighborhood of the city. A place where many national and international artists fell in love with Mexico.

DURATION: 2-3 hours

Culinary Experiences

Tourtilla (Our famous ALL YOU CAN EAT TACO TOUR)

Our famous “all you can eat” taco tour!
Eat and learn all about the most popular Mexican dish. Visit 7 traditional taquerias and decide which is the best taco in the city.


DURATION: 3 hours


• Make your own sauce

• The tortilla process

• Expert local guide

• All the tacos you can eat

* Add mezcal tasting

Tastings and marinades

Mezcal, wine or beer

Learn about the national production and flavors of these distilled and fermented beverages. Consider lunch or dinner for a pairing experience to take the flavors to another level.


• 4 to 5 tastings

• Accompaniment by a Mexican chef

• Contemporary Mexican cuisine for pairing

• Introduction to the history of flavors

A wonderful tour!

I loved learning a little about the history and walking through the market.

I can’t recommend this tour more, we were full of joy and tacos for days!


The tour is very interesting and I learned a lot about what makes a good taco. Even though this is my fifth time in Mexico (I’ve spent over 6 months here in total), I finally got to really understand the culture of tacos. I wish I could give it 6 stars.


A wonderful tour! I loved learning a little about the history and walking through the market. Try the fresh tortillas it was AMAZING

It was really fun to walk. I loved the variety of tacos.



A forest just 40 minutes away from the big city. Where it lives, the last living river in CDMX.

A hike to one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Los Dinamos for an incredible panoramic view.

DURATION: Full day


• Private transport

• Park entrance

• Mountain guide

• Picnic in the mountains

• All necessary equipment

Nevado de Toluca

Hiking through the fourth highest mountain in Mexico, located just an hour away. A day to appreciate incredible lakes and views that you will never forget.

DURATION:  Full day


• Private transport

• Park entrance

• Mountain guide

• Snacks

• All necessary equipment

Nature and walks


Our Clients



My wife and I took the taco tour (Tour-Tilla) Angie, our guide was super friendly and we had a great time with her. The tour was very interesting, and I learned a lot about what makes a great taco. Even thou this is my 5th time in Mexico (I've spent more than 6 months here in total), I finally got to actually understand the taco culture Thank you Arturo for creating this tour, and thank you Angie for explaining everything to us I wish I could give it 6 stars.

Ori M.

Biajeros has the most unique vacation experience I have been on to the people I met and the places we went. Coming from California and going vacation in Mexico with Biajeros my girlfriend and I felt safe the entire time. We enjoyed the travel groups company and made new lifelong friends. If you want to go on vacation to new, exotic and sometimes untouched places let Biajeros handle it and you can have more time to enjoy the vacation rather than planning organizing everyday. Thanks again Arturo and Team for all your help and good laughs we had!!!

Casey R.

We had the most amazing cultural experience with Biajeros! Arturo was so helpful and responsive in helping plan our visit. We had the pleasure of Angie hosting them and are so thankful for her kindness and knowledge. The "Tour"tilla taco tour is a must! Thank you Biajeros for making our first visit to CDMX a memorable one, we will definitely be in touch when we visit again!

Nikki M.

Biajeros Taco experience in Mexico City is a delight! Walking through the Roma neighborhood, you will taste all kinds of tacos and salsas. Angie and Arturo are friendly, knowledgeable and a joy to spend time with. We learned so much about the history of Mexican food and about each type of taco. We were bursting with a new found love of the city and tacos of course!

Lani H.

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