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We specialize in educational immersion experiences nationwide. We work together with students to execute community projects during an immersion and cultural exchange experience. In this way we maximize the essence of significant learning through the trip.

Travel objectives

The value of education

Experiential education unleashes a transformative power in each individual. It goes beyond traditional confines, empowering minds to discover, interact and learn from experience; Facing real challenges, exploring new environments, and collaborating in authentic situations cultivate deep, unforgettable skills and knowledge. Experiential education not only teaches, it inspires meaningful learning and self-directed personal growth.



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Diplomas for Professional Development

We are the only company in Latin America that endorses its trips as graduates due to their educational depth.

  • Sociocultural diploma in rural communities and minorities in Mexico.

  • Diploma in improving work teams and personal well-being habits.

  • Practical diploma for a sustainable way of life.

  • Diploma in uses, customs and traditions of the Nahua communities.

Preparation before 

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1. Understanding of the pedagogical objectives and ideology of the school.

2. Choosing the destination that best suits the needs and preferences of the school.

3. Presentation of the trip to the students and joint analysis of community opportunity areas for the definition of projects.

4. Previous work with students, adapted to school times.

Our security measures are:

  • Civil protection support.
  • All the sites we visit are previously tested facilities with quality assurance.
  • Making regular trips to all our destinations for an evaluation of their security status.
  • Constant contact with the communities we work with.
  • Monitored transportation.
  • Trained travel staff.
  • Paramedic on all our trips.
  • If you wish, we can support you in quoting and contracting medical insurance for participants.


Definitely an experience that not only changed my way of seeing life but also how to live it, it made me reach a level of connection with myself, with the community, with my group, and with nature that I had never had before!

Stephanie J. - STUDENT Colegio Tarbut

A great experience that allowed us to get to know ourselves, contrasting our lives with different realities. A trip with great social, generational and personal impact that motivated us to put our passions and interests at the service of others, giving us the opportunity to enrich each other, accompanied by an incredible team.

Fabiola V.- DIRECTOR Tomas Moro

Very good at what they do! We asked them for help for an excursion and they gave us the best attention. They understood the educational objective of the group perfectly. I highly recommend this company if you want to have a great experience with the best service.

Eli S. - DIRECTOR Scouts Israelitas de México

Experience meaningful learning

Experiential education not only teaches, it inspires meaningful learning and self-directed personal growth.

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