Experience Masters

Woman smiling with a mountain background and blue sky


House Special

Fun fact: She’s a (modern) snake charmer.

Big sister of Biajeros. The very best to share some hiking and family meals.

Man with sunglasses

El “Tekas”

Madness in The Jungle

Fun Fact: Former member of the National Rafting Team. Now he’s actively fighting against the logging of the jungle.

He’s the perfect ally to have fun and go to the river, the jungle and its hidden places.

man hiking


Water Mountain

Fun Fact: He has climbed the Iztaccihuatl more than 400 times.

He’s the mountain guide that will make you climb higher than you ever thought of (literally).

Man looking at the river and cliffs


Natural Life

Fun Fact: He dives in multiple 50 meter-high waterfalls.

A kayak genius, he respects and leaves untouched his surroundings, sometimes even better than before!

black dog


Fun Fact: His favorite ecosystem is the river. He does not like the “animalito” cookies.

A first-class companion. With a bit of luck, he could join your experience!

Don Ernesto

Ancestral Tradition

Fun Fact: He knows more than 250 plant names.

Our wiseman, he has travelled through multiple roads, and he will always help us build our own.

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